Arm Workouts For Women

Arm Workouts For Women To Get Stronger And Leaner

What are the best arm workouts for women? There are many arm workouts out there that many people think only men should do. This however is not true. Many of the arm workouts that men do can also be done by women. After all, women also want to have nice sculpted arms. Many of the workouts out there can only be done with free weights or machines, but there are a few that can also be done with your own body weight. Your body weight adds resistance and this makes your muscles work harder.

Toning Your Flabby Arms

One of the best arm workouts for women is the bicep curl. Doing the bicep curl is pretty easy, but what can make it hard is the amount of weight that you choose to use. It is recommended to pick a weight heavy enough to let you do 8-12 reps almost to failure. The reason why you want to pick a heavy weight is because you want to make your muscles work and when they work extra hard they burn more flab off your arms.

Another very popular workout is the lying triceps extension. Lay down with your weights on your chest and palms facing in. Lift up and then bring the dumbbells towards your forehead but do not touch it. Do about 8-10 reps of this exercise and then move on to the next one. By moving from exercise to exercise you are creating a circuit workout and this will tone your arms a lot faster.

How to Pair Up Exercises

Another good way to pair up your exercises is to do super-set training. Super-sets are great because they are quick workouts that deliver quality results in minimum time. Super-sets are a set of two exercises done back to back. For example, you can do dumbbell bicep curls followed by triceps extension. Do these exercises without rest and you will get the best workout of your life.

As you can see, if you want to lose the flabby arms and you no longer want to wear long sleeves then doing these workouts will help tremendously. These are some of the best arm workouts for women you will ever do.