Exercise to Slim Thighs

Exercise to Slim Thighs – From Outer To Inner Thighs

Exercises to slim thighs are commonly done among more women than men because women store fats in the hips, thighs and belly while men store more fats on their abdomen. The kind of exercise most women do to lose thigh fats are divided by parts to achieve the best result – the inner, center and outer thighs.

Having that bulky thigh can either help you look sexier or fatter. Sometimes, a big thigh can be an asset of a person’s body provided that her waist is too small that highlights her perfect body shape with small waist and wider hips brought about by fatty thighs. However, when one has wider waist and wider and fatty thighs at the same time, it is no good at all for a body to have. It is not even pleasing to look at. It can make you even look big and fat.

On the other note, there are people who have very thin thighs but when you look at them fully, it seems though not proportionate to the upper body. Thus, the definition of perfect thighs is those that are moderately build, causing a good proportion of the waist and hips that give the body perfect shape. It is really a great big deal for most women to achieve that perfect thigh, from big to moderately small and from more to fewer fats.

The purpose of losing fatty thighs is directed with both how one looks and how can it pose a health problem to the person. Just like any fat on the other areas, it can be useful for the body’s proper function, but too much of it is dangerous given the fact that fats can disrupt the flow of blood towards the heart by accumulating fat deposits to the heart, it can even raise amount of blood cholesterol and blood pressure. In reality, the percentage of reasons from people in doing ways to achieve thigh fat is greatest and even if health is the top priority, looking good is still on top of the list.

What do we mean by this? When you have fatty thighs, how do you choose right pants, dress and shorts for you? how do you avoid exposing it when going out on the beach? How do you react when friends tease you that your thighs are like that of a “krispy patatim”? You see, what actually motivates the people especially women to lose thigh fats is the fear of being bullied, teased and looked at unpleasantly. Health is just but secondary.

Just like in any weight loss program, it cannot be achieved overnight because it takes time. Your thigh fat is hard to lose that even the most advanced weight loss program fail to remove it. One thing can actually help you achieve it, and that is through exercises.

Some Basic Preparations

Before you finally decide to lose thigh fats through exercises to slim thighs, one must prepare and plan for goals. First, you have to measure the size of your thighs using a tape measure and then target size of your thighs you want to achieve. This can give you the motivation to do the exercises and allows you to see the progress daily. Second, one must recognize that reducing total body weight is important along with the daily workouts to slim down thighs. Third, before the start of any exercise warming up is essential to warm muscles in the body and prevents any injury to it. A warm up of stretching and jogging for 10 minutes can be done.

Let’s Begin! From The Inner To Outer!
Exercise for Inner Thighs
  • Lie down and then lie on the left side of your body.
  • Your head must be aligned by placing a rolled-up towel under the head.
  • Now, extend your legs; your left leg must be kept straight with the foot and the right leg is bent and must be rested on the floor.
  • Now, lift the left leg about six inches from the floor and hold in that position for a few seconds.
  • Get back to the original position and repeat this exercise for at least five minutes and do it also on the opposite side.
For better results, increase the time as you are comfortable doing this for best results.
Exercise For Outer Thighs
  • Begin by lying down on the left side with a rolled towel is placed under the head.
  • Slowly raise your right leg to an angle of 45 degrees and the left leg flat on the floor.
  • Hold in this position for 10 seconds and repeat this exercise for 5 minutes. Do also on the opposite side.
By squatting, you will be able to reduce and slim down fats from the hips and thighs.
  • Begin by standing with feet and legs few inches apart.
  • Keep your feet pointing outwards and place your hands on the hips for stability.
  • Now, contract muscles of your lower back as you slightly bend your knees and lean slightly forward while you perform this squat.
  • Hold in such position for 10 seconds and then get back on the staring position; repeat this exercise for ten counts. The counts must be released weekly for better results.
Aerobic Exercises
Most of the aerobic exercises help reduce the fat in the thigh region and some fatty parts of the body. Aerobic exercises can be done at home or in the gym.
  • Rope Skipping – it is a very healthy exercise that can be done by all. It helps in reducing weight and loses fats in the thigh part. You must do skipping for 10 minutes, 3-5 times weekly and you will see your thighs are getting back in shape.
  • Swimming – a very good calorie burner. Swim backward and forwards as you propel hard your legs. Do it 3 times weekly for 30 minutes. It can help!
  • Brisk walking – walking is very important and the most easy to do but effective; walk fast for 30 minutes, 3-5 times weekly.
  • Exercise bike – stationary biking or bicycling around the neighborhood for 30 minutes daily can help lose thigh fat because you are keeping on pedaling and legs and thighs give more effort in doing it.
In conclusion, the exercise to slim thighs comes in variety and as you go along with it, you will not get bored. For the readers out there who have wanted to remove their fat thighs, don’t lose hope! Exercises can help you! Just do it consistently and without fail as you increase the time, and you will see the best results.