Exercises To Lose Love Handles

Getting A Handle On Love Handles – Exercises To Lose Love Handles

In a society where a perfect set of abs is so highly valued, running around with love handles and a ‘spare tyre’ around your waist is not exactly a great feeling. As a society we are on average heavier than we’ve ever been before in history. This is mainly the result of the foods we eat and combined with little exercise, many people today have severe weight problems.

Apart from being unattractive, love handles can make you feel uncomfortable and it greatly impairs your physical ability to move and be active. One of the most effective ways to lose love handles is through exercise.

Let’s briefly look at some exercises to lose love handles.

Firstly, realize that you will never lose weight if you keep putting it on. Your waist is one of the ‘problem’ areas on your body and excess calories tend to get stored around your waist area. To lose your love handles you want to get rid of this layer of fat dribbling over the sides of your favorite jeans and to do this you have to start by addressing your diet.

Even if you are exercising profusely, you have to stop adding to the problem. Start by cutting out fatty foods and replace it with high energy fruits and vegetables. The golden rule of weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume.

The common misconception amongst many people is that to get rid of fat around your waist you have to do sit-ups and abdominal exercises. Although it’s not entirely untrue, the secret lies in cardiovascular training.

Cardio training is weight loss training and whether you choose to run, cycle, swim or get on a stepper, the important thing is your heart rate. You want to maintain 60% of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 45 minutes. Ideally you want to warm up for ten minutes and cool down for ten minutes.

During cardio training you increase your body’s metabolism which means that during, and after the exercise your body is ‘fired up’ and it burns excess fat that is stored as ‘reserves’ – in your case the reserves is moist probably around your waist.

Running, swimming, cycling and ‘stepper-machines’ are really good as it all involves the abdominal muscles – which helps to strengthen and tone this area which also assists with weight loss.

The more muscle you have the more calories is needed to maintain your normal bodily functions which means you actually burn more calories. More muscle leads to a higher metabolism. This is where abdominal exercises comes in.

One of the exercises to lose love handles is sit-up’s, but to be most effective you have to combine it with your cardio workout. Apart from sit-ups you can incorporate crunches and leg lifts to work and build your abdominal muscles. Whichever strength training exercises you prefer, make sure that you don’t just focus on the abdominal area.

The stronger your muscles, the more fat it will burn and the faster you will lose your love handles. Abdominal and lower back exercises are very effective exercises to lose love handles, but it is by no means the only answer.

The abdominal muscles are extremely hard to target with specific exercises, especially the lower abdominals, but with running, swimming and cycling we can greatly increase the activity in these hard to target muscle groups and in the process loose both weight and tone the muscle. When you do strip the layer of fat away you will be left with incredibly well toned and sexy abs.

It is by no means an easy task to rid yourself of love handles as it tends to be the first place that it shows when you are overweight. The key is to maintain your ideal weight and to keep your metabolism up. Consume less calories than you burn and stay active.

Your body was made to move – so move it! Incorporate strength training into your workouts and build some muscle. This will increase your metabolism and tone your upper body. The less fat you have in your body the higher your metabolism and the higher your metabolism the quicker you can get rid of those love handles.