Best Cardio Exercises For Women to Lose Belly Fat Fast

The Best Cardio Exercises For Women to Lose Belly Fat Fast – 4 Fast Flat Stomach Exercises

In this article I will explain you how to get a flat stomach fast with high intensity cardio exercises. Almost every time I go to the gym I see women (and men as well) running for hours and hours on a treadmill. And what really surprise me is at the same time they are talking to their friends as well or calling.

If you do this yourself you can be absolutely sure that you’re not training hard enough. Do this further and you will not get the desired results. But do high intensity cardiovascular workouts combined with full body exercises and a good nutrition programme and you can be sure to get a flat belly in three months or less.

Rowing: Rowing on a machine or even better on a real rowing boat is an excellent exercise to burn a good amount of calories fast. If you row for around ten minutes your body comes into the fat burning zone. This happens so fast because while training on a rowing machine you have the ability to create a rhythmic style. This is an excellent exercise if you want to start with high intensity cardio workouts.

Running: Running burns around six hundred calories an hour and is an ideal exercise to burn belly fat fast. Make sure to buy a good pair of running shoes otherwise you may end up with pain in your feeds.

Sprinting: This exercise is more effective then running because it has a high intensity. If you have finished sprinting you will burn fat at a much higher rate. We call this process EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and it gives a much greater increase in metabolism compared to walking or running. However to get a flat stomach fast it is recommended to sprint for more than ten seconds. Short duration sprint exercises are anaerobic.

Cycling: Cycling burns as much calories as running but has a lower impact. This makes it an excellent exercise for people who are new to high intensity workouts.

Now next time you are working out make sure to do some of these exercises. Odds are high that you may end up in sweat but they are the best cardio workouts to get a flat belly fast.