Ripped Muscles With Dumbbells at Home

Ripped Muscles With Dumbbells at Home

One of the surprises when it comes to building ripped muscle, is that you can get amazing results with only a pair of dumbbells, in the privacy of your own home. Most every gym contains one thing: Dumbbells.

The reason is that they are a tried and true form of building ripped muscle in a short amount of time. Machines and muscle building contraptions just don’t work the muscle as fully and efficiently as dumbbells. Here’s how to get ripped muscle in your own home with dumbbells.

1. You don’t have to get a whole rack of dumbbells, rather all you need are one pair of “dumbbell handles” in which you can easily take small plates of weight on and off. Next you will need an assortment of small circular plates of weights, ranging from 2 pound plates to 10 pound plates. These can be easily stored in box or crate for easy access and easy clean up.

2. It’s recommended that you also get a bench, or make a bench where you can lie on your back to perform some of the dumbbell exercises. Most of your dumbbell exercises will be done standing and sitting on a chair, but there are a few rather important exercises where a bench would be ideal, such as chest presses.

3. Dumbbell exercises can work your whole body, hitting all the major muscle groups, and doing so better than many of the machines in the expensive gyms. Dumbbells are considered “free weights” and they are the backbone of what all the old school weightlifters like Arnold used to use back in the day to develop their amazing physiques.

So you will be getting maximum muscle building benefit with dumbbells. The best thing to do is to obtain a dumbbell manual which will outline and have illustrated all the dumbbell exercises needed to acquire ripped muscle. This way you can have an illustrated guide or e-book right in front of you for easy instruction on all the necessary exercises.