Workout Without Weights for a Strong and Muscular Body

Workout Without Weights for a Strong and Muscular Body

Most people think that the only way to achieve an effective and thorough workout is to use weights while training or exercising. Although weights do have a place in the world of physical fitness, there is no book that says a person absolutely has to use weights in order to build strength, stamina, or even a decent-looking body.

Some people are simply too busy to fit in a drive to the gym and a weightlifting or exercise workout. Other people simply cannot afford the cost of a gym membership or the expense of exercise equipment.

There is hope though – and this is where the idea of a workout without weights can really prove to be helpful. With a little creativity and some modification of everyday activities, even the busiest person can find the time for an effective workout.

Life Without The Gym

Believe it or not, there actually was a period of time in human history when gyms did not exist. Yes, it’s true. What in the world did people do to get their daily exercise before there was Gold’s or Bally’s or Bowflex? People found a way.

Whether it meant lifting heavy rocks and objects, climbing mountains, or running marathons, people found a way to exercise. In ancient Egypt, people lifted bags of sand to keep in shape, while the Greeks lifted (and threw) heavy rocks and objects as part of training and exercise regimens.

What’s the bottom line? You don’t need weights or fancy equipment to get an effective, whole-body workout.

Ways To Workout Without Weights

If you’re looking to workout without weights, there are many options for you to explore which will ensure you of an excellent workout.

Knee Bends (Squats) – Viewed as essentially a squat without weights, the goal here is to develop the muscles of the thighs and glutes. This exercise can be done by grabbing on to anything that will provide stability and support (a table, a sink, or a desk).

With the feet set apart about shoulder width, with a firm grasp of the supporting object, and with the feet flat on the ground, the individual simply lowers him or her self until the butt is as close to the ground as possible.

Calf Raises – This exercise can be done by simply locating a raised area such as a stair or step. If neither one is available, find an object such as a book which will allow you to raise yourself off the ground.

With the toes on the edge of the object (stair, step, or book), lower the heels of your feet, then lift yourself up on your toes to complete one repetition.

Pull Ups – This one presents a little bit more of a problem, since it does require the use of a pull up bar or some object that you can pull yourself up on (i.e. a jungle gym at a school or park, or even the section of a doorway that sticks out). Upon finding the right spot, grip the bar or doorway using an underhand grip and allow your body to hang down.

Slowly pull yourself up until your chest reaches the level of the bar.

Push Ups – The original and still the best, push ups represent the best way to workout without weights. Not only do they train the arms and chest, but they also provide a decent workout for the abs, shoulders, and legs. Simply place the hands about shoulder width apart, stretch the legs and feet out, and keep your back straight.

Bend at the elbows to lower your body, then push down on the ground to lift it back up.

Crunches – Nothing works the abs like a few sets of crunches. They don’t require special equipment or weights, and can be done anywhere where there is room. Lie on your back with your legs bent. Lift the shoulders off of the ground and crunch the abdominals. Only lift the body up until the shoulders are off of the ground – any higher and you run the risk of injuring your back.